Don’t get me wrong; I’m like most people, I can’t wait until I can go places without having to wear a face mask. Over the past two years, I’ve gone from a home made mask, a Veteran’s Canada Mask because I didn’t know if we were going to be buying the traditional poppy, a package of masks my daughter bought me from Old Navy, and most recently disposable medical masks once we were told that fabric masks weren’t just cutting it. Every coat I own has a mask and a doggy poop bag in a pocket and there are a few of both in the console of my car.

I hate my glasses fogging up every time I’d go into a store during the winter and I hated fogging up while watching the horse races at Leamington last summer. I hate turning on the evening news and the lead story is about numbers of COVID cases and the impact on hospitals. I hate public relations news reports where things are cherry picked for consumption by those watching.

I’m dumbfounded that the decision in the province was made to largely drop masking requirements today. Today, of all times, when students and families have been out enjoying the break and so many have made their way to warmer places to vacation and have fun in big, unmasked groups. Even one week later would have given things the opportunity to give us a good idea whether or not we should be concerned.

I really hate the fact that there isn’t a hard and fast rule. Reading this article makes one think that you’ll need a roadmap, at least in the short term.

Here’s where masks will still be mandatory in Ottawa when Ontario lifts the mask mandate

I liked the fact that a couple of school districts had indicated that they were going to continue masking requirements but then I hate the fact that they ultimately bailed on the decision. I do like the fact that Hamilton-Wentworth is going to exercise a bit of caution going forward.

I hate the fact that friends are headed back to classrooms amidst all this. Of course, we’ll never really know the extent of an upturn or downturn in cases since, as a province, we don’t report that any more. It’s only when hospitals get in trouble that we might really know.

For years, I’ve seen the odd person wearing a face mask in a terminal at the airport. It always seemed a little strange but it was their decision and it didn’t make any difference to me. I really like the fact that I haven’t had a cold for the past couple of years so maybe they were on to something.

I truly am looking forward to not wearing a mask and that will probably happen next week, everything working out well. I know that I’m cautious and I don’t apologize for it.

I honour the fact that everyone who reads this post will be making their own decisions. I hope that, whatever you do, it works out well for you.

OTR Links 03/21/2022

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