Chrome OS shortcuts

If you were to look in on me at 5:00 daily, you’d find me sitting in my chair in the rec room watching news on the television with my Chromebook on my lap. As I’m watching the morning news, I’m also reading the latest news on my Chromebook and I do share them to my timeline. I’ve often thought that if someone was tracking me, they’d give up because I like to think I have a random bunch of reading topics.

Since I’m sitting in a chair, using a mouse is out of the question so using shortcuts is what keeps me productive. The nice thing about the Chromebook is that most of the key placement is the same as Windows so new learning really wasn’t necessary to get started.

There are a couple of noticeable differences through. There is no Windows key. Or Apple Key. Instead, there are wider CTRL and ALT keys when makes shortcuts so easy to work with. A complete list of shortcuts can be found here.

Like Windows, these are my most frequent shortcuts.

  • CTRL+A – Select All
  • CTRL+B – Bold
  • CTRL+C – Copy
  • CTRL+F – Find
  • CTRL+V – Paste and the variation CTRL+SHIFT+V
  • CTRL+Z – Undo
  • ALT-TAB – Switch between programs which has a whole new meaning when you’re using Edge as a browser

It’s when you go to ALT-TAB that you realize that there is Google branding. Where every keyboard I’ve ever used has a CAPS LOCK key, the Chromebook has just a search looking button. And, when you think Google, you think search. Tapping it brings up a list of shortcuts and the ability to search the computer for what you’re looking for. It’s such a nice feature.

Back to ALT-TAB, it does what every computer does and shuffles through open applications but the Chromebook is just a little more unique. It supports Android and Linux applications and you can shuffle through them as well. This little machines supports multiple operating system!

On every other computer I’ve ever used, above the number keys is a row of Function Keys. Not so on the Chromebook. It’s actually got a collection of functions that you’d actually use. Like going full screen, audio controls, brightness controls, refresh, and forward/backware. Probably the most used feature though is CTRL-SHIFT-SCREENSHOT which lets me capture part of the screen. For a blogger, that’s invaluable.

Critics of the Chromebook will tell you that it’s just a browser and, around here, it’s probably used that way 100% of the time. But like any browser, I can install Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, and Cooke AutoDelete to keep the “operating system”/”browser” on task.

I started this series of posts focused on productivity and the notion of shortcuts really does enable increased productivity. With three operating systems, there are the core shortcuts but then those that are unique. If nothing else, it keeps me thinking about things and that’s always a good thing.

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