Fixing the price of gas

I’ve come to the conclusion that the price of gas is like the weather. “Everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it”.

I’m pretty sure that if I was running to get reelected and was taxing Ontarians, I’d be doing something to reduce the price by looking at the taxes I was collecting. It’s going to become a big issue because inflation is sure to follow. Farmers are going to be out on the fields shortly and then there’s always the cost of delivering products throughout the province.

If you’ve ever studies Economics, you know that the writing is on the wall.

Alberta has got it right.

In our town, there are two gas stations. It doesn’t matter the day but if one station changes the price, the other follows very soon after.

One is located at the north end of town and the other at the south end of town. On a typical day to the park and a dog walk, we go by both so we know. At last check, the price was 1.72.9 a litre. Prices at this level have certainly changed my refilling routine. Both stations are self-serve and one of the things that you can do is set a value and the pump stops when you hit it. For months now, I just tap $50.00 and was pretty confident that I’d never hit that value anyway.

With the soaring prices lately, that doesn’t cut it. Now, it’s time to tap $100. Gulp. There goes my lifelong dream of owning a Camaro. It’s scary when you look across the province.

Thanks, Ontario Gas Buddy, March 8, 2022

Holy Thunder Bay. Gulp!

Just last night, we drove by the one on the north end of town and there was a restraining cage around it. It looks like some repairs are in store. That’s going to drive all the refilling business to the other station. To stop people from wasting time, I guess, they’ve turned off the price sign out front.

That’s where my master plan kicks in.

Since the stations do their best to keep prices the same, I’d propose that the station getting the repairs turn the sign back on, even if they’re not open. Then, they could post the previous price of $1.55.9 and my plan kicks in.

We’d get everyone to go the other station and let them know that they need to adjust their price to be competitive.

Done, and done.

You got a better plan? I’d love to hear it. We really are living through pain at the pump.

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