Country gaming

Like everyone, it seems, I’ve been a little hooked on Wordle and some of its play-a-like applications. It’s kind of neat seeing folks sharing their successes on social media. Some wear their accomplishments like a medal of honour.

I’m just happy to be able to finally get it and if it takes six tries, I’m good with that.

Recently, I ran across Globle and I’m a little obsessed with it at this moment in time. Like I had blogged recently, there are so many countries that I have a rough idea where they are and then there are others that I have no clue.

So, in addition to this being an interesting and fun game, it’s also educational for me. While I do OK with Wordle, this I find challenging. Except for today so that was my inspiration to write AND do a screen capture. I did well today.

The game is simple enough. You type a country into the search box and Globle maps your guess on a globe in one of four colours depending upon how close you get.

As the globe was spinning, France came up front and centre and so that was my first guess. I was totally surprised to see it in dark red indicating that I was really, really close. I’ve never been that close before.

So, could it be Spain? That’s really close. Nope, it was orange so maybe I should be going the other way. I guessed Germany and got it!

I wish that I could say that I have this level of success but I’d be lying.

It’s been a good addition to my thinking in the morning to get my brain working.

I’ve added it to my Wakelet collection of Wordle Clones/Spinoffs..

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