Cheating at Wordle

WARNING: Don’t follow the link if you haven’t played today!

As I normally do, I start my morning off with a coffee, cereal, news on the television, and reading news and stories from Flipboard from 5-6am. When I was almost done, I ran across this story.

Wordle Answer List – What’s the Wordle Word Today?

I haven’t formally set aside time to do Wordle myself but if one of my friends shares their results, it jogs me to play the game. I actually had done it earlier today. My Twitter message appears below. I had done it really early because I had noticed someone else do it early.

But, I did click through on the article and saw that this was indeed a list of solutions.

It’s always interesting to take a look at the picture afterwards to try and analyze where my mind had gone during the process. I started well but it took a bit before all the parts fell into place. I can confess that the last guess was a stab in the dark.

It never had dawned on me but I guess it should have. People cheat on Wordle. In fact, there’s a hashtag #WordleCheat. Again, don’t click until you’ve played if you’re an honest player and I know that all my readers are honest!

Now, I’m the first to admit that there are times when Wordle beats me. It doesn’t bother me; if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’m really not much of a wordsmith. I’m more of a mathematics, computery guy. A typical game of Wordle might last me a minute and then I smile or kick myself because I got/could have got a solution.

But I never thought that I could visit a website and get the answer before I start. It doesn’t seem right. Following that hashtag and doing an internet search reveals that there are lots of resources to find the answer if you’re really looking for it.

Who knew?

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