Kicking the tires on Tweetdeck Preview

I had read about a new version of Tweetdeck a while back. At the time, the news said that access was on an invitation basis. Seem it was a party that I wasn’t invited to. I looked around to see how to get invited and kind of just gave up on it.

Lately, I’ve been having an issue with regular ol’ Twitter itself but only on my Chromebook. In the reply dialogue or in private messages, the text ends up being broken on my display. The common thing that I can see is that both are in overlay windows. It’s not the end of the world but things like that drive me crazy. I’ve tried everything that I can think of with no success. It even happens in the Android Twitter app on my Chromebook. It doesn’t happen if I run it on the Opera Android app on the Chromebook. It’s so strange.

Where the problem doesn’t exist is in Tweetdeck, or as we’ll end up saying, Classic Tweetdeck. Last night, I was getting frustrated seeing the broken letters so I loaded Tweetdeck instead. What popped up surprised me. I was invited to preview the new Tweetdeck. Of course, I accepted. After about half an hour later, I got frustrated with the slowness on ChromeOS and switched back. I grabbed my MacBook Pro and tried it there only to find out that it wasn’t supported. This morning, I tried it on my Windows 11 computer and it appears to work like a champ.

I had to smile just a bit because my first thought was that it was a bit overly busy. Then, reality kicked in and it’s supposed to be like that. The goals is to get a lot of information on the screen and that’s so helpful when I’m doing #FollowFridays and working my way through Ontario Educator Lists.

There was certainly more customization than in the old Tweetdeck. Even a quick glance above shows that I’ve been able to make Notifications wider than the lists. Message intrigued me. Instead of being a separate column as the old Tweetdeck did it, it’s a popup on the right bottom. I kind of like that since I want to know if I have any private messages the moment that they arrive. You know; the fear of missing out and all that. My quick summary was that this new version was built on the existing Twitter interface and so there was a familiarity that wasn’t there with the old Tweetdeck. It always seemed like a separate entity and I suppose that was OK but Twitter appears to be all about changing that.

I started feeling a bit badly that maybe I had ditched things on the Chromebook a little too quickly and switched to the new Tweetdeck. Sadly, the text issue with the new Twitter had followed it to the new Tweetdeck. On Chromebook anyway; it works beautifully under Windows.

Since I got my invitation, I have been doing a lot of reading like articles like this:

Twitter shares a first look at the ‘big overhaul’ coming to TweetDeck

and poking around at the impression of others on, well, Twitter.

I’m actually liking what I’m seeing and think that Twitter may be on to something with this new design. I’ll be poking around to see if it’s going to replace the Twitter client like I know it will … and on Friday mornings for sure. I do like changes when they’re for the better but I also like speed. It may be that I’ll end up using a combination of the old and the new depending upon the computer and that’s OK.

It’s not perfect yet, hence the “Preview” qualifier but that’s to be expected. You can follow bug reports here.

If you’ve been poking around with the Tweetdeck Preview and have thoughts toss me a comment. I’d be very interested in your take. And, please, if you have a fix for my broken text issue, I’d really, really appreciate it!

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