A shoutout goes to Doug Belshaw and his Thought Shrapnel newsletter for this piece of inspiration. If you don’t follow it, you should. He takes you to places that you don’t know exist and his thoughts about what he sees when he gets there are worth the click.

In the most recent newsletter, he shared a resource that took me back, way back.

In our work area at school, a lady who sat in the opposite corner of the room was a big Dungeons and Dragons player. She was really into it and I’ve never quite figured out whether it was for the DnD stuff or if it was a chance for her to make connections to her university life where she studied History among other things.

The resource that Doug found and shared was a Medieval Fantasy City Generator. Now, I’ve messed around many city designer applications but they tend to be for modern cities. This is different.

Playing around with it, navigating through various cities, and becoming a city redesigner by using the tools in the Menu took a great deal of time away from me this weekend. It’s fascinating and the connection with Dungeons and Dragons had me thinking about design and the purposeful construction that was done both in fantasy and real life.

It takes me back to a different time where planning wasn’t designed around freeways and subways. It was just a nice diversion to everything else that’s going on around here and that’s not a bad thing at all. Plus, the coder in me appreciated the efforts that went into design and I started thinking about how I might be able to do the same thing.

Totally unrelated and yet related … there was a dragon on the garage floor created by some melting snow. Coincidence?

4 thoughts on “Medieval

  1. It was funny. I was bringing something in to the house and walked beside the water spot and did a double-take. I had just written the post and so had dragons on my mind. I went back and indeed saw the dragon so I went and got my phone to take the picture. The things you see…

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  2. Can you position the car so that you can capture a puff of exhaust floating in front of the dragon’s mouth?


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