Not everyone can pivot

In education, it’s become a go-to for classes. If there is a reason that students and/or staff can’t get to work, the message goes out from Central Office – we will pivot to online learnng.

As a society, after all this COVID time, it’s something that we’ve come to expect. After all the learning at home, we’ve come to expect that all families will have enough technology and connectivity to make it happen every time it snows hard.

As I write this, it’s Friday morning and the events in downtown Ottawa have ramped up to try and disperse the protesters and their vehicles. The same sort of thing happened at the Ambassador Bridge last week and I sincerely hope that there won’t be a serious confrontation.

There’s something that I find strangely curious.

The House of Commons is supposed to be debating the Emergencies Act. It’s my understanding that the debate has to be completed within a designated time period after the Prime Minister invoked it.

And yet, yesterday it was announced that the debate would be suspended as the House is not sitting because of the events in downtown Ottawa. The move was passed by unanimous consent, meaning that all of the parties agreed.

Given the weather that the bulk of the province got hit with last night, I’m smiling just a bit and not in a good way. Some districts have today as a Professional Learning day and others have declared it a Snow Day as buses aren’t able to run to get students to school. But, they will pivot to online learning.

(Can I just interject here that I hate that word – pivot)

So, my question is – if we expect school age students to be able to make the move with the diversity of technology and internet that we know is the reality, why can’t the Members of Parliament do the same thing?

After all, they were able to use remote connections to keep government going during their own COVID challenges. I doubt that they’re using a second hand Chromebook over a slow connection as their tools. I suspect that we, as taxpayers, have outfitted them with good resources. If you’ve ever watched parliamentary debate, you know that there’s typically one member speaking (with members chirping in the background), the Speaker of the House and a translator to help those whose first language isn’t the same as the person currently talking.

They don’t have to go into an LMS and then activate interactive classrooms or resources.

So, my question is this – why is the government not pivoting? We expect kids of all ages to meet the challenges. Why not them?

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