Big business

I watched the end of the Super Bowl, the handing over of the trophy, and the announcement of the MVP. That may not sound out of the ordinary to you but it is for me! I’m normally horizontal by 9pm.

I did go into bed at the two minute warning about 9:30 with my fingers crossed. I had predicted the Ram to win, not that I’m a Rams fan, but Stafford had had a long and uneventful career in Detroit and I wanted to see him win.

But, by my memory, it wasn’t until near 10:30 that the last two minutes were played and the festivities were over. I also wish that I’d recorded things so that I could skip over the commercials but endurance is required when watching it live. Reports are that commercials cost $7 million. So, obviously the more commercials played, the most revenue garnered. That’s NBC’s rate; I’m not sure what CTV charged. I had thought that, maybe, with the revenue generated this time around, we might see the game broadcast in 4K video.

The Trophy
The game is played for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It’s a beautiful award – it’s not Stanley Cup but we’re talking two different sports. The Stanley Cup really stands out, to me, since all of the players ever to be on a winning team are engraved forever on the cup. Back to the theme, it always strikes me as slightly irritating that the owner is presented the Lombardi Trophy. Yes, he pays the bills but certainly the real credit should go to the players and coaches. They get to hold the trophy after the boss does but there’s still something extra special about skating around the arena and handing the Cup from one teammate to another.

Ambassador Bridge
Unrelated to football except for it being on the same day, the police finally moved in and dispersed those protestors who had blocked the entranceway to the bridge all last week. At the same time though, the blockage continues now into its third week in Ottawa. The difference? From what I can see it was a partnership between the mayor of Windsor, Drew Dilkins, and the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association. There is enormous financial loss with trucks not moving good back and forth between the two countries. As I write this Monday morning, business should be returning to normal.

The common thread throughout all three of these things are the financial, big business end. It’s a reminder to me that priorities for some don’t necessarily apply to all.

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