Ooodles of fun

A big shoutout goes to Kim Stenhouse for the lead on this one. She was complaining on Facebook that someone had shown the complete solution to this morning’s Wordle and spoiled her chances for solving it legitimately. I know that lesser people would solve it in one move and then show off on social media so kudos for her for that.

Instead, she played a different Wordle-like game. And, it wasn’t yet another ripoff of Wordle; this time it’s about mathematics.

There aren’t enough Os in cool to express how I feel about Ooodle.

Admittedly, it’s the same concept (sort of) where you fill in the blanks to get an answer.

This time, though, it’s filling in blanks with digits or numbers to create a correct equation.

If you love mathematics, you’ll be hooked immediately; I know that I was. To say that there are all kinds of applications to the classroom would be an understatement!

You can check it out here.

Thanks, Kim, for posting about this. I have a new diversion.

3 thoughts on “Ooodles of fun

  1. Good afternoon Doug!

    After seeing lots of teachers talking about Wordle on social media for a while now, and after reading your post this morning, I decided I would try the math puzzle. Unfortunately, having not played Wordle before, I didn’t have that background to approach the math puzzle. So I went and tried Wordle, and after my first go, I realized it is somewhat like the game Mastermind that we used to play years ago, but with words instead of colour patterns.

    Now that I’ve got a grasp of how Wordle works, I will revisit the math puzzle, assuming that it is the same idea.


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