How can things go wrong …

… when we’re doing everything right?

On This Week in Ontario Edublogs, we chatted about Aviva Dunsiger’s post as she sat thinking about what Monday morning would bring.

It wasn’t a regular Sunday. All teachers have that feeling in their stomach normally on Sunday afternoons and evenings before school resuming on Monday.

It wasn’t a regular end to a Christmas Break. At the end of any holiday period, that feeling in the stomach is there and the lump feels a great deal bigger.

It wasn’t a regular end to a two week school-at-home period. Of course, the end of that will generates the same lump and something even bigger.

As it turns out, a Snow Day delayed that return. After any Snow Day, there’s a great excitement to return to school and talk about all the recreation that happened. Well, recreation and snow shovelling. This certainly wouldn’t be anything like that with all of the other issues looming.

In her post, Aviva sums up the actions that she and her teaching partner have taken over the course of the pandemic. She takes a look ahead at what is to come and what might come. She wonders about the feeling that she might have should one of her students become ill under her watch.

As strange as that might seem, it’s a real possibility. Thankfully, children (and teachers) have become pretty good about wearing masks. Everyone looks out for each other and the safety protocols are pretty much understood.

Pre-Omicron, the protocols have mostly worked. Schools haven’t been the big spreader that they might be. Normally, we shudder at having to apply rules to students but times are not normal. These conditions and rules have been understood and followed.

Yet, we see numbers rising daily. They’ve been rising while Ontario students have been at home so you can’t point the finger at schools.

If it turns out that the steps taken in schools work to not amplify the number of cases, is society ready to follow? If the steps don’t work, what’s next?

More lumps?

5 thoughts on “How can things go wrong …

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Doug! I hope that the steps do work. While I’m certainly aware of what could still happen, it was actually fabulous to be back with the kids yesterday. They were soooo excited to be back at school and we had a wonderful day. And while we had some extra chats around safety protocols with reminders throughout the day, families also did this at home, and children worked hard to be careful. I was reminded that sometimes our fears are worse than reality, and I really, really hope that this is one of those times … as I truly missed our wonderful class! Hope others had a great day too!


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  2. Not to worry! Despite whatever concerns we might have about increasing cases in schools, and the fact that Omicron has yet to peak either in terms of numbers, hospitalizations, or patients in the ICU, Ontario’s premier will be going in front of the media today to announce a loosening of restrictions. Clearly, if Ontario’s premier sees it fit to loosen the restrictions within the province that are in place to mitigate the spread of Covid, clearly everything is well in hand, and anyone involved in Ontario schools (teachers, students, parents of students, immediate or extended family of anyone involved with the school system) need not worry.


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