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3D images

Yesterday’s playing around with snowflakes got me off on a bit of a tangent about visualizations. I remember my son was infatuated with Magic Eye visualizations which, of course, resulted in easy birthday or Christmas gifts. Just a quick trip into a bookstore and part of the shopping was done.

An interesting history can be read here.

But, of course, we’re connected to the internet these days and nothing goes away. Magic Eye has a website with a copyright notice of 2018 available here.

You can enjoy a collection of images at the site and I spent way too much time on the page where a number of businesses had developed these for promotional images. A search indicates that there are all kind of collections of these fascinating 3D images.

But, how do you make them? There’s a lot of science behind the design but then I found a way to create them myself at “Easy Stereogram Builder“. Within seconds, I was working my way through three steps and downloading my own.

There is a technique to viewing the image inside an image but once you get the knack, it’s easy.

Take your finger for example. Bring it close to your eyes. The idea is to make your eyes look behind the finger and, instead of one finger, you will want to see 2 fingers. 

There’s probably a whole lot of science behind it.

The website allows you to upload your own images (be careful with what you share) or even to embed your own messages.

There’s all kinds of ideas about actually how to use it bouncing around in my mind. I’m sure that you’ve got some of your own.


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