Between seasons

At 5pm daily Monday to Friday, we typically turn on the news from Kitchener to see what’s going on in the rest of the province. I think we’ve all known that there has been a bunch of snow coming in from Lake Huron and hitting the Snow Belt. The typical places are identified – Goderich, Kincardine, Grand Bend which are all on the shores. Those of us that lived in the true Snow Belt know that it gets really hit about 10-15km inland. Our science teacher explained that the weather came in from the lake and was elevated by the warmer land so it went up, got cooler, and then dumped on us.

Both my wife and I grew up there and we laugh when it’s called “Lake Effect Snow”. That seems to be the buzz word anymore. We’d love to have someone explain the difference in results between Lake Effect Snow and snow. You still have to shovel it.

It’s been another warmish winter so far around here. We’ve had a bit of snow but it either melts away or is shovelled off quite easily. Winter, as we remember it, doesn’t hit here until well into January. I don’t actually miss the shovelling part.

What is missing is the appearance. While there will come a time in a week or two where we’ll see white snow on trees and all that good Winter stuff, the Christmas season is ending. One of the joys of our nightly walk in town is taking different routes to get there to enjoy the Christmas lights. Some people really go to extremes for the season.

Yesterday morning, Jaimie and I helped join those who are taking things down. In came Santa, the Penguin we have for some reason, the rabbits, all the lights, and then the LED projector that was the thing to have a couple of years ago. It was cold and so I didn’t mind that we don’t go nuts with lights like some people. There were two hitches – the plastic ties that kept the lights attached to the lighthouse and some of the metal rods that hold the displays in place.

What we were left with is a whole lot of ugly mud. With the lights in place, Jaimie was pretty good about staying clear but now he’s going to need reminding that he doesn’t have free run of the mud holes. The worse part is the frozed mini-pond that was good for sliding just a day ago and is now mostly water.

I’ll be honest; it’s really ugly looking as we bounce back and forth from spring to winter and the landscape changes. At least the Christmas lights painted a nice glow to things.

The big news is that the town recognizes that it would be nice to do something so our Festival of Lights will continue through January.

This Small Ontario Town Is Keeping Xmas Going Because Who Cares What The Calendar Says

The neat thing though is that the person on the county road a couple of concessions over and starts putting up his decorations in October will be a few more weeks taking them down. We’ll drive by to enjoy it.

By the time the lights are finally shut down for the season, we’ll have snow enough to pretty things up until March. I can live with that. And where I go, Jaimie is just 2 metres away on a leash.

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