Vaccinations for educators

In the “every day a new story” department, the Ontario government has kind of reached out to those educators who still haven’t received their shots.

Ontario will set aside vaccination appointments for education and child-care workers

I know that it’s probably a Toronto thing. I lived a year in Toronto when I was at the Faculty of Education. I have great memories of that year and how everything was there. Subways, movies, arenas, community centres, bars, etc.

The only catch to all of it was that you had to line up for everything. I can’t recall a time in my life where I spent more times in lineups. Coming from a small town where you drove everywhere and just parked in the lot or around the corner, it was a learning experience for me that I had to figure public transportation to get places. I know that the local people are good for knowing where and how to drive and park but even my roomie figured that subway/bus combinations were the best.

So, in the story above, people will find different ways to get there. Here’s a helpful guide if you’re not driving. You could even fly, I snickered to myself…

So, they’re open from 4:30-8:00 daily. If you’re an educator, you could hop on a bus or subway train to get there. You’re at the airports so fast food would be easy for supper. Of course, the story only deals with how teachers in the big city might get their shot.

What about the rest of the province?

We know that the game has been upped across the province. It still seems to me that the delivery and just how the delivery will happen doesn’t send the message that this needs to be done and done asap.

So, my thought is, instead of going to the shot, why aren’t we looking at a different way of getting the shot to the schools?

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

School districts are designed around secondary schools as being hubs or magnets for nearby elementary schools. Why couldn’t that four hour timeslot be allocated to the secondary school? I’m thinking of the gymnasium for a single day. Drop the vaccine and the medical delivery staff at the school and have teachers book a time to get their shot. School teachers could drive over during a prep, nutrition break, or cover classes and get it done. Now that we’re back to teaching online again, the parking lot should be open and available for easy access.

For those who are hesitant to get their shot, this method shifts the narrative and puts an additional value on the health of the educator. I know that it’s an overly simplified solution as I describe it and there are details to be hashed out.

I think it’s a problem worth solving if we’re really serious about getting educators vaccinated in a hurry.

3 thoughts on “Vaccinations for educators

  1. Back in the olden days, students received vaccinations right at their school. We would send the forms home, collect them back signed by a parent/guardian, the public health unit would come and we would lose a period of instructional time or so while the class received their vaccinations. Done.

    It seems to me that Doug Ford’s government through 500 nurses into the public school system a year or two ago, didn’t he? Oh yeah, that only worked out to be a fraction of a nurse for my school board, so I guess that won’t quite cut it. Remember the days when schools had a nurse, and a nurses office, with that hospital coloured couch that you could lie down on when you weren’t feeling well?

    I guess the infrastructure that used to exist back in the good all days is now gone, and so this government seems to have a particularly difficult time fathoming how they’re going to get students and teachers vaccinated.

    I guess they are not as backwards thinking as they like to think they are. LOL.


    • Andy, your comment reminded me of 2019: the last time that I remember having nurses in the schools to vaccinate kids. This was often for Grades 7 and 8. You have to wonder what could be done here with COVID vaccines. That said, while I know that there are a few mass vaccination sites for educators that need to get the booster (at least in the Hamilton/Toronto area), it seems easier to book boosters everywhere right now. I got mine just over a week ago, but this week, I’ve received emails from drugstores and grocery stores in my area that I could book a booster. Even Costco. With luck, things are starting to open up in other areas too. I do wonder though how much it changes depending on the area. You have me thinking, Doug and Andy.



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