I have memories of my mother talking about Hurricane Hazel when my parents lived near Barrie. I suspect that many Canadians would find this a little strange; after all, hurricanes are not something that we have to deal with regularly.

Hurricanes are regular occurences in the South Eastern United States and it’s quite common to see weather reports checking in when a hurricane or a weather system that could become a hurricane is imminent.

They’re so common that they actually have their names assigned in advance. As long as you know your alphabet, you can easily determine what number any hurricane would actually be. The list of 2022 Hurricane names can be found here along with all kinds of other interesting information about hurricanes.

I suspect that, like me, you have seen plenty of weather reports on the news where a meteorologist will keep us up to date with how things are going. In Ontario, typically we get the remains of any big storm from the south in the form of rain.

Yesterday was kind of a nice day, for a winter day. We went through our regular routine and were headed out to take the dog for a walk when we started walking through icy slush on the driveway. We didn’t see that coming at all. To Jaimie’s chagrin, the evening walk was cancelled.

I went online to check the weather; we knew that we should be prepared for a bit of snow but this icy stuff was a surprise. What was a real surprise was this story on the Weather Network.

A topsy-turvy year saw more twisters in Ontario than Oklahoma

Photo by Nikolas Noonan on Unsplash

It was a fascinating and bizarre read. There were 46 tornadoes in Ontario last year? I suppose that given everything from 2021, nothing should come as a surprise.

Can we use this information in the classroom? Of course.

Here’s a link to an online tornado simulator –

And for the coders, there’s a nice collection of Scratch programs you could use for inspiration or to repurpose –

Here’s to hoping that we just have to deal with gentle rains in 2022.

2 thoughts on “Bizarre

  1. Doug, I’m thinking about the Grade 5 science expectation around natural disasters. This might be an interesting way to extend this learning. Thanks!



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