Whatever happened to …

… the Monkees?

Yesterday’s passing of Michael Nesmith was sad news and another part of my childhood gone. The Monkees was a favourite television show and one of the ones that my mother allowed my brother and me to watch. Our TV time was carefully monitored and limited.

To be honest, I think that we didn’t find the humour and visual antics all that funny. We probably were a little too young to appreciate it, perhaps? The real engagement was with the music that they’d play during the show. Sometimes, it was in sync with part of the storyline and other times it was the group together on the stage performing.

Regardless, it was the one show that would pre-empt any other playing that we would have to do as kids.

The show wasn’t on television for a long time but the music made it a good time. There were all kinds of stories about the members wishing to leave and they did at various times. The Monkees kept the brand and various permutations and band reunions came back at various times.

I had forgotten about this until an email from my brother yesterday wanting to know if I still had my green touque. It was a Christmas gift so many years ago.

Sadly, three of the original band members have now left us.

For a Sunday morning, I’d be interested in your Monkees thoughts.

  • In the list above, there’s one Monkee missing. Who?
  • The Monkees were made for television and only one was actually a musician before the band formed? Which one?
  • Who was the heartthrob of the group?
  • Have you ever seen any or all live? (We saw Davy Jones)
  • Who was Michael Nesmith’s mother? What did she invent?
  • Do you have a favourite Monkees song? If pressed, I’d probably say “Pleasant Valley Sunday”
  • One of the Monkees has a different name from his TV character. Which one?
  • I can’t help but think that their video that played during their songs was MTV long before MTV was a thing.

For a Sunday morning, do you have any answers to the above or other Monkees memories? I’d appreciate reading them in the comments below.

This Sunday post is a regular thing around here. You can read them all here.

4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. Mickey Dolenz
    Davey Jones
    Davey Jones
    Bette. Liquid Paper.
    Yes. “Daydream Believer”
    Peter Tork’s surname was Thorkelson
    The Beatles also had song/film productions.


  2. I associate them with their music mostly. I remember an album in my older sister’s collection. I don’t remember ever seeing their show. I also only just learned about Nesmith’s role in MTV while watching the news. I guess I know more about The Partridge Family 😀


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