A moment

There are a lot of things that bring educators together. Go to a conference and you can mix and match and make new connections. There’s no prior connection required.

Teachers just have a common goal and they make no apology for it.

By now, I think we all know of the incident at Oxford High School.

Oxford High School shooting leaves 3 dead, multiple injured: Everything we know

As Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said yesterday, “This is every parent’s worst nightmare.” It’s also every teacher’s worst nightmare.

In schools, we have teacher and student handbooks and a procedure for how to handle situations like this. We have drills that are never taken seriously but we do them because we’re told. We all secretly or not so secretly hope that we never have to do the procedure for real.

Many of us can go through an entire career without an incident like this ever happening in our school.

And yet, when it happens elsewhere, it affects us all.

Be kind and good to each other.

5 thoughts on “A moment

  1. Hi Doug,

    Another very thoughtful post.

    I was watching the video yesterday of the kids trapped inside the classroom; I was blown away by how calm they were and how they replied to the person shouting at them from the outside. Kids are not supposed to have this skill set, but unfortunately they do. I was looking at them and to be honest I couldn’t hold back tears – they are my oldest niece’s age and I can’t imagine how their parents must feel watching this video now knowing that their kids got out safely, and even worse, what the parents of the kids that were killed are going through.

    Here in Switzerland, I am not even sure if teachers in public schools do drills like this, as there has never been a school shooting (there has been in the Zug Parliament though, so maybe we should reconsider generally and start with active shooter drills?).

    I will end with what you said, Doug. We need to be kind and good to each other.

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  2. Dearest Vicky – thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m sorry that you felt that way but I think that’s the reality for so many people with children, nieces, nephews, of that age. I do hope that Swiss schools do have a system to prepare should the unthinkable happen.


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