3D and augmented reality

Today’s rabbit hole comes courtesy of the Greek Reporter and this article.

Google Search Adds 3D Monuments, Including the Parthenon

Of course, they’d be excited about being able to see and share such a version of the Parthenon with the rest of the world! More details about this feature can be found here.

The complete list of categories that can be played with and explored appears below.

And I was off.

I started first by following the instructions (my Android phone met the specs) and I started with Land Animals and sure enough, the opportunity to view things in 3D was there.

And that was how it started. It was a little small on my phone so I turned to my computer which is connected to my phone. Wow. I ended up spinning the objects on my phone and watching them move on my computer screen.

I actually couldn’t find the Google 3D treatment in my results but I did get the Brandenburg Gate. As you might expect, I had a whale of a time playing around with the images and worked my way at least partly through the list that Google included on their website.

I’m just sorry that I couldn’t find a 3D rabbit to show that I’d gone down the hole.

2 thoughts on “3D and augmented reality

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