Sounding better

I thought that I’d really done some damage here.

Saturday afternoon, I was having a regular weekly chat with a friend and got a notice that the Logitech G Hub software needed an update. Sure, I thought, go ahead and update yourself while we continue our conversation.

But, things didn’t end up going well. In the middle of our conversation, my friend indicated that he couldn’t hear me clearly anymore and could I speak up. I had nothing on my end seemingly to the microphone so was puzzled. The power indicated that it was on so I was puzzled.

I tried to open the Blue software application that I always control things with. It wouldn’t open at all. So, I did what I thought would resolve things and excused myself from the conversation to restart the Zoom session. Once back in the room, the same situation was happening. Rather than continue to troubleshoot, I just changed the microphone for our session. l was now speaking through the built-in microphone – not as good a quality, I’m sure, but will do the job.

After our conversation, I did what any normal person would do … I clicked the icon harder to see if it would start! No success. I started minimizing windows and found one that wanted to update the firmware on the microphone. Now, I’m feeling a bit closer to a solution. I let that happen and rebooted to give everything a fresh start.

Upon reboot, the application now did open but things like the gain were set to zero and the sound pattern was at Omni and wouldn’t allow me to change to Cardiod although I could do so manually with the switch on the back.

Scratch, scratch, scratch

And then, an odd message appeared on the screen indicating that I could now control the microphone through the Logitech G HUB software. Sure enough, it was pictured there (screen cap above) along with my external mouse and keyboard.

I poked around and there’s a whack of new things to play around with.

There’s lots of intriguing reading available here. I’m actually looking forward to Wednesday’s sound check with Stephen Hurley before our voicEd Radio show. If I’m to believe what I’m reading, I should be able to sound better. If anyone else has trailblazed on this, I’d appreciate your insights.

This could be fun.


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