My Week Ending 2021-11-21

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • Some things to think about if you’re going to get that tattoo or not – your call
  • I hadn’t thought about this for a long time – inspiration from Google’s first YouTube video


  • This was a really interesting article about the eclipse that would happen later in the week. Science teachers should hang on to it
  • Twitter now offers a new level of functionality for professionals – for a monthly fee if you’re interested


  • This is an in time reminder of the importance of mask wearing as it can be easy to drop your guard but please don’t
  • Not everyone likes using the Edge browser in Windows 11 and there was a program that let you avoid it but now it’s been deflected



  • Every student in the province will be getting a test to take home for the Christmas Break and they’re supposed to test themselves 5 times over the holidays
  • This is an interesting comparison between Microsoft and Dropbox as a collaboration environment. Whatever happened to …


  • The Edge browser is getting a number of new intriguing features – will this be enough to get people to use it?
  • Not good news for those living in Simcoe Muskoka


  • So, all the speculation has been put to rest. Canada has approved a shot for children 5-11 from Pfiser. We’ll be awash with posts and thoughts for the next few months
  • With all that’s happening, Canada has now reversed its message about pro athletes being able to play her without a vaccination. I think it’s a good move; other jobs are firing Canadians who aren’t vaccinated so at least it will be consistent

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#FollowFriday – November 19, 2021

voicEd Radio

Internet access has been restored to voicEd Radio and our show went live on Wednesday morning.

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Featured Bloggers:

  • Lisa Corbett – @LisaCorbett0261
  • Terry Whitmell – @TerryWhitmell
  • Amy Bowker – @amyebowker
  • Seven Generations Education Institute – @7GenerationsEd
  • Marc Hodgkinson – @Mr_H_Teacher

This week’s show:

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Technology Troubleshooting

As I write this, I’m watching Formula 1 qualifying from Qatar. They’ve solved their own technology problems of heat by racing at night. It’s interesting to see the track so well lit and yet you can also see the sparks coming from the cars. There’s got to be a science lesson in there somewhere.

Most interestingly, there was quite a bit of discussion about Mercedes’ rear wing and how it may or may not violate the sporting rules. The geek in me was impressed with the high resolution image that Red Bull took that showed that there was movement when no movement should have been.

It makes our problems seem trivial by comparison. Or they’re overblowing it.

Video of the Week

This may well be the best news for education in Ontario.

Photo of the Week

One of the new displays for this year’s Festival of Lights in town.

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'AMHERSTBURG'

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Whatever happened to …

… concert going?

Facebook is great at preserving memories. I got reminded of a concert this morning from November 20, 2010, that my wife and I attended at Caesars Windsor.

No photo description available.
No photo description available.

Live concerts have always been a thing for a night out for us. Many were attended in high school – I was actually dance co-ordinator one year, at university, at the Aud in Kitchener, at CNE Stadium, at Casino Rama, and most recently Caesars Windsor opened a terrific concert space, The Colosseum, and we’ve seen so many there.

Above are pictures taken during a Montgomery Gentry concert. In the beginning, we were able to get tickets very close to the stage. That became more and more difficult and these were well back! The audio was still great though, as you would expect from a modern concert hall.

Of course, we know that recently concert venues have been closed due to COVID concerns. One of the frustrating things about living close to the Canada/United States border is seeing how much quicker things are opening over there – the Rolling Stones played this past week at Ford Field.

Things are looking promising for concertgoers on this side of the border. Alice Cooper is playing at the Colosseum in the new year.

That’s our topic for this Sunday. Not Alice Cooper, but the concept of concert-going.

So, what are your thoughts?

  • Are you a concertgoer?
  • What was the first concert you attended?
  • What was the best concert you attended?
  • If your local entertainment place opened with a concert now, would you go? If not now, when?
  • Concert venues are big expensive places. Who has been paying the bills during the lockdown?
  • Have you watched a concert live on streaming media during the lockdown? Is it the same?

I’d be interested in your thoughts? Please share them in the comments below.

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