Read, learn words

I’m betting that I’ve used this word a dozen times in Words with Friends.

By itself, the letters don’t add up to much but it is a seven letter word and that’s gold.

Now, if you asked me what the word meant, I might stumble around and guess that it has something to do with sound. I’m smart like that.

If you asked me to use it in a sentence, I’d probably say:

“SOUNDER is a word that I played in Words with Friends”.

That’s about the best I could do. Until Monday, November 15, 2021.

Those that follow me know that I spend some time reading early in the morning before the dog wakes and plans my day for me. Such was the routine this morning and this story caught my eye.

Group of wild boars roaming in Pickering, Ont.
could be cause for concern, officials say

I practice taught in Pickering years ago so I actually know where the place is. I didn’t have to research that but the article did make me stop and poke around.

The article started like this “A sounder of wild boars”. Was that a typo or have I learned something? I couldn’t let it go so looked it up.

Son of a gun! There are other meanings as well.

Now, when challenged, I can mention the sounder that was spotted in Pickering. The author of the article is Abby Neufeld, so my kudos to her for adding to my learning today.


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