Whatever happened to …

… K-Tel music and other things?

I’m inspired by myself and a comment that I made earlier this week about record albums. Yes, I had K-Tel records and they followed me to university where my roommate had a better collection of entire albums by artists and I learned to appreciate more than the hit that made the radio.

As I write this post on Saturday morning, I’m listening to this.

Why this one? I actually owned the vinyl copy and probably wore it out over the years. There are songs here that I haven’t heard in year. “Sylvia’s Mother”, “Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress), “How Do You Do? Mouth and MacNeal” and more…

It was like having your own Top 10 radio station. “All hits, all the time”

I think I probably had three or four of these K-Tel albums and played them over and over again. Of course, they had to be discarded at some point.

But it wasn’t just record albums. The corporation also promoted and sold us the Veg-a-matic among other things that would make our lives easier. It seemed like every other commercial on television at the time was from K-Tel.

As impressional youth, my brother and I wondered how people could survive without these things.

So, for a Sunday morning reminisce … what do you remember and are brave enough to confess to?

  • Did you own any K-Tel records? Check the list here before you say no.
  • Did K-Tel introduce you to any artists in this fashion that you might now have hears otherwise?
  • Did you remember every song in that compilation above? That had to be the marketing plan.
  • Do you remember any of these other K-Tel commercials?
  • Did you own a Veg-a-matic? Do you wish you had?
  • K-Tel was a Canadian organization. Who was behind it?
  • Why don’t we have compilation albums these days?
  • Do you remember and can name any of the other pitch men who would give us fast acting commercials of stuff that we just had to have? (even if we didn’t)
  • Did you know that K-Tel is still in operation today? (I didn’t)

I hope this takes some of you back. I’d love to read about your memories in the replies below.

This is a regular Sunday feature around here. You can check out all of the topics here.

4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. I didn’t realize there were so many K-Tel records. I know I had one LP. It might have been the same one my husband still has — “Fantastic” hits.
    The patty stacker chef thing always comes to mind when the commercials are mentioned. Your link made me recall the snow skates one! I got the record selector for Christmas one year. Wasn’t that so amazing? lol
    Didn’t know they were still in operation either. Maybe K-Tel was an original source of the idea of creating a playlist! 😀


  2. I recall really looking forward to seeing the latest k-tel album advertised on tv (I think), and then checking it at the stores to see what songs were on it. Good times! Yes, I soon decided to buy individual albums to get more deeply into artists like Supertramp, Earth wind and fire, Chilliwack, etc. But, they were a great start to get a smattering of exploring current artists!! I sure didn’t know that k-tel still existed, that’s a proven record!! (no pun intended).


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