My Week Ending 2021-11-14

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week. They’re posted to the blog daily under the title OTR Links.


  • Ideas for parents about raising lifelong learners. I think that those of us at a certain again claim to be one but we grew up in a different time
  • It took two Remembrance Day events this past week to finally come up with a solution for lowered flags in Federal buildings


  • How many still buy into the concept of the KWL chart? Here’s a proposed upgrade to it
  • I don’t play many of the same games these days but this was a nostalgic look at some of the classics over the years


  • The headline about “brilliant” money-saving breakfast hack is a little sensationalist but I’ll bet that if management reads about it, changes will happen
  • Make no mistake, COVID is spreading in schools and something needs to be done for sure. How can we live with the number 5000?


  • In Windsor, we’re getting a new host for the 6pm news. If her first couple of days are an indicator, we’re in for a real treat. They always seem to choose someone who appears to be talking to you instead of just reading from the teleprompter
  • This really upsets me; I thought that we were doing so well with vaccinations but apparently not


  • Well, maybe I would buy a new computer if Microsoft mails me a gift card and my spam detector doesn’t flag it
  • Otherwise, I’m not running out to buy a computer with Windows 11 SE on it any time soon but how it stacks up with Windows 11 was an interesting


  • Colorways is an interesting, apparently limited time, feature in the latest Firefox. Of course, I went for the green-ish one
  • I suspect that, if people on Dalhousie Street here in the burg have their way, they’d borrow this concept from Barrie


  • This news drives me further away from using Microsoft Edge as a browser and I was actually kind of getting used to it.
  • For Mercedes Formula 1 fans, it’s been a couple of days of complaining after the penalty given to Lewis Hamilton. Surely, though, with all the team members, shouldn’t someone have been responsible for this?

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Technology Troubleshooting

I thought that I had a real problem. Windows 10 had been working so well for me but I upgraded to Windows 11 anyway.

It started the first night. Normally, I just put my computer to sleep so that I can quickly get into it the next morning. With Windows 11, I’m rethinking this because it boots so quickly.

Anyway, the problem was that when I’d wake in the morning, the computer had actually turned it off. I’m a creature of habit so I know that I didn’t turn it off; just slept it.

So, I started looking for settings, scripts, and anything else that might be turning it off. I couldn’t find anything. It was frustrating because normally I can trouble solve.

But, this week, there was a big update to Windows 11 and the shutting down issue has gone away.

All that I can conclude was that it was a Windows issue that has been corrected.

Video of the Week

Somehow this popped up in my feed and I watched it. Who doesn’t like a good horse video?

Photo of the Week

It was a windy day at the Leamington Harbour and I was pleased to catch a bit of the waves splashing onto the walkway.

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Whatever happened to …

… K-Tel music and other things?

I’m inspired by myself and a comment that I made earlier this week about record albums. Yes, I had K-Tel records and they followed me to university where my roommate had a better collection of entire albums by artists and I learned to appreciate more than the hit that made the radio.

As I write this post on Saturday morning, I’m listening to this.

Why this one? I actually owned the vinyl copy and probably wore it out over the years. There are songs here that I haven’t heard in year. “Sylvia’s Mother”, “Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress), “How Do You Do? Mouth and MacNeal” and more…

It was like having your own Top 10 radio station. “All hits, all the time”

I think I probably had three or four of these K-Tel albums and played them over and over again. Of course, they had to be discarded at some point.

But it wasn’t just record albums. The corporation also promoted and sold us the Veg-a-matic among other things that would make our lives easier. It seemed like every other commercial on television at the time was from K-Tel.

As impressional youth, my brother and I wondered how people could survive without these things.

So, for a Sunday morning reminisce … what do you remember and are brave enough to confess to?

  • Did you own any K-Tel records? Check the list here before you say no.
  • Did K-Tel introduce you to any artists in this fashion that you might now have hears otherwise?
  • Did you remember every song in that compilation above? That had to be the marketing plan.
  • Do you remember any of these other K-Tel commercials?
  • Did you own a Veg-a-matic? Do you wish you had?
  • K-Tel was a Canadian organization. Who was behind it?
  • Why don’t we have compilation albums these days?
  • Do you remember and can name any of the other pitch men who would give us fast acting commercials of stuff that we just had to have? (even if we didn’t)
  • Did you know that K-Tel is still in operation today? (I didn’t)

I hope this takes some of you back. I’d love to read about your memories in the replies below.

This is a regular Sunday feature around here. You can check out all of the topics here.

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