Is there a doctor in the house?

I don’t know what’s worse – news organizations that report on this or stupid me for reading or watching it.

This week, Big Bird of Sesame Street fame sent out this Twitter message.

I understand the point of the message. For years, children and families have relied on Sesame Street as a form of edutainment for them. I certainly know that I’ve seen my share of episodes. There’s something so engaging for kids and important life lessons have been passed along by their favourite character.

If you can remember back when all this COVID stuff broke out, we’ve been anxiously awaiting for scientists to rip it apart and provide a vaccine that would save us. As we know, we actually now have a choice as adults and, now, there’s an option for kids.

I know that, speaking for myself, I have absolutely no positive memories of all the needles that I’ve had over the years growing up. I can remember crying, staring at the ceiling, closing my eyes, and probably other things. Nothing worked. Now that I’m a lot older, I’ve managed to stop the crying part but needles are still not my favourite thing. These days, I take on my fear by looking at the nurse or pharmacist and evaluating their technique in using the needle.

So, in my mind, if Big Bird has the ability to allay fears in kids getting the vaccine, I’m all for it. Now that the COVID vaccine is available for younger kids, those kids might just need a little help. No government that I know of has made it mandatory although not having it does limit your mobility and put restrictions on jobs and entertainment. For kids, there’s no requirements yet like there are for other vaccines. The decision to vaccinate is still up to parents.

Then, in to the mix south of the border comes Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz called Big Bird getting COVID-19 vaccine “propaganda.” This isn’t the first time Sesame Street encouraged kids to get important vaccines.

I swear that news agencies must just follow him around to grab some sort of sensational topic of the day.

Now, Big Bird or Ted Cruz are not the experts that I turn to when I’m looking for advice and guidance. Give me a doctor or a researcher any day.

I’ve seen so many people who have suffered and / died as a result of this. We believe, as a society, that we have a solution for this like we have had for other deadly diseases in the past. It’s just so sad that it’s become a political item.


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