Remembrance Day

This is a “Post from the Past”.  It’s very powerful and worth a revisit and a click to the link provided in the post.

I’ve reposted this a number of times.  The images contained in the post and the rollovers are so powerful and provide a message of appreciation for where we are and what we enjoy today.

Locally, there will be a ceremony downtown and the local cenotaph.  New this year surrounding the cenotaph are new plaques recognizing local people who lost their lives in The Great War and World War II.

Today is Remembrance Day and it means so much to us and our way of life.

Photo Credit: Matthieu Luna via Compfight cc

We all will wear a poppy to show that we remember.  To be honest, it was more difficult this year (2021) to find a place to but we had a couple of poppies from previous years that we were able to wear.  Just yesterday, we did find a poppy box and just dropped a contribution in it.  As noted last year, we had also purchased poppy masks to support the Legion.

My friend Sheila sent me this link.  (validated as live)

I think it’s worthy of display in classroom and at assemblies.  We focus on just what November 11 means and that’s important.  There’s another side and that’s one of hope for the future.

Visit the site and you’ll see images from 1944.

Move your cursor over the image and hold down the left mouse button and move your cursor to the right.

You’ll see a more modern picture taken from the same location.

Scroll down for even more.

The message?  There is hope going forward.  It can help to put things in perspective.

In the classroom, this easily turns into an exercise of discussion, writing, and a deeper understanding and appreciation for the day and why we are so passionate as a society to remember.


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