A name

Well, it’s official. Our new secondary school has a name.

New Amherstburg school officially named North Star High School

You’ll recall that I blogged about it when the announcement was made

So much had changed from the initial announcement and the naming that was finally released. In fact, it was about the naming and that lead to a “Whatever happened to …” post.

After all the anguist and spray paining, it’s finally done. Since I no longer have a vested interest, it has been interesting to follow from my arm chair. At its simplest, it was amusing to watch grown adults fight over something seemingly as simple as choosing a name. At its most involved, it was a statement being made by a community and elected officials. Given the history of Jeffrey Amherst, the decision took many twists and turns.

The area is rich in history which was a real learning experience for me when I moved here. Sure, we had heard about the Underground Railroad but the Canadian references were always to Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Dresden and many of the communities of Kent County. As a student, I guess it never occured to me that the pathway to Canada would have had to go through Essex County. When I look back now, I can’t believe that I didn’t ask that question.

So, it will be North Star High School.

The “North Star” was the landmark that was followed during the escape from slavery before the US Civil War.

It seems to be a sensible name for the district to choose for this new school. In a day and age when naming based upon a location is a relative no-brainer, this choice makes a statement and a challenge for the district and staff to ensure that its importance and meaning is not lost on incoming students.

There will be a lot of things that have to fall into place as the school opens including grass and lockers but also the choice of a mascot for the school and the school teams. The immediate thought for me was the NHL team Minnesota North Stars. When my son was younger, he played for the Stars and they used the Minnesota logo on their jerseys. As is the trend in the NHL, there were a number of variations in the design. It will be interesting now to see the decision that will be made for this. The two merging schools were Generals and Warriors. And, of course, school colours.

This whole process has not been simple. The district has built brand new schools that didn’t have this controversy. The most recent of these was Legacy Oak Trail Public School.

This one has been different from the outset. The story continues…

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