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An Indigenous book curation

I ran across the article below earlier this week and found it interesting and timely. I really enjoy it when people who know curate collections and share them with the world. Once shared, you never know where it’s going to go.

I shared it to Twitter knowing that there were many people in my learning network who would be interested.

I watched with interest as the article was shared and reshared. Particularly this week, these resources may be sitting in your school or within the system just waiting for you to access them.

David A. Robertson curated and shared this collection of books written by Indigenous authors. It was picked up and shared by CBC Books in this article.

48 books by Indigenous writers to read to understand residential schools

There was obviously a need and a value to the list, judging by the amount of sharing that I saw happening. To help continue spreading the news, I’m creating this post.

I hope that it doesn’t become a one day post. A collection like this needs to be visited and revisited during the course of the school year.

Please share with colleagues who are looking for resources like this.

Later: An additional piece of wisdom from Mr. Robertson.

How To Talk To Kids About The National Day For Truth And Reconciliation


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