Things I hate

So, blogging. It’s been a few days since I did this so hopefully I will remember how it goes. I hope that you enjoyed a look back at some of the interviews that have appeared here on the blog instead of new content while I was away for a bit of a vacation. We were off to Eastern Ontario and the Nation’s Capital for a few days.

It was a strange experience. Not that things have changed since the last visit – you expect that – but how regular things have changed due to COVID.

We’ve been pretty good and have been shuttered at home like good citizens since all this stuff hit. Trips outside the county have been to Blyth, Mitchell’s Bay, Erieau, and London twice. That’s so unusual for us. We’re normally on the road exploring much of the summer at least.

It’s not normal to be thrown a bit off when you’re exploring a new place. As we know, the rules have changed so much. That’s not a nice thing to have to cope with. Mentally, I started creating a list of the recent trip.

  • I hate the 401. Quite honestly, that’s not new but it just has to be said. I love the 407 as a way to bypass Toronto – until I get the bill
  • I hate missing professional learning. Normally, there would be at least a CSTA or BIT conference to make connections. Driving by Pearson Airport and the 403 remind of happier driving times and I always look forward to meeting new people in person at these events
  • I hate logging on to social media and read the pain that teachers are going through on a daily basis while being assured that their locations are totally safe. How safe can locations be with entire classes, buses, or schools shut down due to infections?
  • I hate walking around a new place these day. Normally, it’s great to explore but dodging oncoming pedestrians or vice versa is just wrong.
  • I hate the fact that I’m judging those oncoming people immediately as COVID carriers by default. That’s not me; I like to think I’m a friend enough guy
  • I hate suspecting that they feel the same way about me
  • I hate being 2m away to talk to people; I happened to pass a school where a teacher was out and getting ready for bus duty and thought I’d start a chat – it just wasn’t the same
  • I hate going to a restaurant and the charade of wearing a mask to get to the table and then remove it. At least I get to remove it; I really feel for the servers who have to wear a mask all the time. They weren’t comfortable with the inoculation checking thing but handled it nicely. The only way to feel better was to be overly generous when it comes to tip time
  • I hate going to a museum – in our case, the Museum of Nature – and not being able to use the interactive displays because they’re turned off for our protection
  • I hate having to follow arrows to take me through an exhibition hall or restaurant knowing that I’m a normally a wanderer and like to be attracted to fancy displays
  • I hate going to an ONRoute and all the tables where you’d normally sit to have lunch or a coffee while resting up are all taped off. So, you do the “safer” thing and eat while in the car
  • I hate driving down a freeway and seeing my tax dollars going in to an electronic sign reminding me to get the vaccine
  • I hate turning on the news to see a Premier or Prime Minister talk about how safe things are and at the same time encouraging people to get the vaccine. We know that’s the only way out of this; get over the politics and legislate it to make it happen.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I tend to be very positive in what I choose to write about. This is so unusual for me but I hate to actually sit and recognize that this may well be our reality for much longer than we think.

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