My Week Ending 2021-09-12

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week. They’re posted to the blog under the title OTR Links.


  • I keep reading these “best browser” posts even though I own them all. I tend to use Brave on my Windows computer and Opera on my Mac these days
  • I think it’s important to read this just to realize that not all students come to school in the same way or even with the same amount of sleep


  • My technique was to create a desktop folder and drag everything in there. It appeared to be so neat…
  • I’m all for the research that will end up giving us longer battery life in anything provided it doesn’t dump on the environment


  • A reminder that you need to tweak that web browser and don’t go with the default settings
  • It’s hard to believe that, in this day and age, that a holiday for reconciliation is controversial


  • I love Little Richard and learned a little more from reading this article
  • Great ideas for micro-credentialing for teacher-librarians


  • I’ve been using this on my Chromebook but didn’t realize that it actually had a name – Tote
  • If you like playing around with numbers, you’ll love this article


  • Minimum wage is going up in Ontario
  • Digital IDs. Hmmm. Do we trust this government to get it right?


  • Some alternatives to the Chrome Browser that work better for specific things
  • Book burning just isn’t a good idea

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#FollowFriday – September 10, 2021

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Technology Troubleshooting

It wasn’t really a problem to solve but a feature to be played with.

Like most people, I have a lock on my phone but it does become an annoyance to have to unlock the phone every time I want to use it. Especially when I’m at home.

My Samsung phone has a setting called “Smart Lock”. It really is a smart idea. There are rules where I can tell it to not lock itself. So, I told it not to lock when I’m at home or in the car or when it’s connected to my watch.

It’s so much more convenient this way. Of course, if I lose it anywhere except at home, it locks itself should someone find it.

Video of the Week

From three years ago, a tour of my old high school cafeteria.

Photo of the Week

A picture of the flags while sitting on a bench at Leamington Marina. Nice breezy day.

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Whatever happened to …

… TV Dinners?

Growing up, these were the things that our rich friends had regularly. Here’s a collection of them to bring back memories.

They weren’t regulars around our house except for the really rare opportunity that my brother and I were left along and it was a treat. I remember there were basically three types – fried chicken, beef with gravy, and turkey with gravy. That was about all that was in the freezer section of the IGA.

They were a real treat for us. You’d take them out of the box and put them in the oven for a pre-determined time and when the timer went off, you’d pull back the tin foil and dig in for a delicious dinner.

Well, in theory, I guess. The resulting stuff kind of resembled food. Actually, the whipped potatoes were good but the vegetables were soggy and the meat somehow had very little taste to it. But, depending on the meal, it might have gravy.

But it was special; we were independent and cooking on our own. Not to be totally trusted with the process, it wasn’t uncommon for mom to call home to make sure that we had the oven turned off.

So, why this? I had to go to the store yesterday to pick up something and happened to walk down two entire aisles of frozen food. There were indeed TV Dinners, all kinds of pizza, pot pies galore, etc. They’ve upped their game in these days and some were microwavable for quicker preparation.

For a Sunday, your thoughts …

  • do you remember TV dinners from your childhood?
  • were you from a rich family or were they a rare treat?
  • do you have any recollection of any of them being particularly tasty?
  • do you each TV dinners today?
  • the market for quick meals has exploded – are there other alternatives in your life?

I’m salivating at the thought of reading your memories.

This is a regular, fun, Sunday morning post. You can check them all out here. If you have an idea for a future topic, reach out and share it or you can add it to this Padlet.

OTR Links 09/12/2021

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