Thinking about Labour Day

Happy Labour Day. It’s going to be a strange one this year. Normally, we’d be planning for a day of going to the Fair in Harrow but that’s off this year. I see there’s a fair still happening in Paris, on a limited basis. It probably wouldn’t be fair for out of towners to take up any limited spots.

I went through this blog and pulled out blog posts that I’d previously written to celebrate Labour Day. To be honest, before I moved to Essex County, it was just another holiday that kept us away from school. With the amount of labour unions in town, it does take on a different meaning when you take the family to enjoy a Labour Day parade. I don’t think that’s happening this year.

So, plans?

It’s pretty sad but probably nothing is in the works to celebrate the day. It’s just going to be a day lazing around the house, perhaps, interrupted by some dog walking. Oh, and there’s always some CFL football to take in.

I think we’re all well aware that we’re supposed to be taking care of ourselves these days. Going to the beach might be an option but some are closed and others have pollution warnings.

Or this…

May be an image of body of water

Apparently, Thomas Tugboat is coming to town. I could have sworn he was a train.

Please tell me that you have something exciting planned.

5 thoughts on “Thinking about Labour Day

  1. I think that I’m going to devote most of today to reading. This will be the last official day of my “summer reads,” and I’d love to end with 62 books read … a pretty successful summer. 🙂 Actually, technically I’ve already read 62, as I didn’t share one on Instagram, so I guess I could end with 63. I wonder how others are spending Labour Day. A very happy one to you.


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  2. Good morning Doug! Hi Aviva!

    Thomas is still a train! He hails from the UK. The tugboat is Theodore, and he hails from Canada! There were five seasons of his show in the 90s, produced by the CBC. Theodore tugboat took us for a tour of Halifax Harbour when the boys were young. Apparently he’s been on a cross country tour, and has moved his home base from Halifax to Hamilton.

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