2021, right?

This past week, Matthew Morris was the guest co-host for the podcast version of This Week in Ontario Edublogs.

His blog is one of the entries in my blogroll of Ontario Edublogs that I monitor for great reading and to look for weekly content for the show and my Friday blog posts. Matthew had been redesigning his website and so hadn’t been blogging until recently when he shot out a couple of blog posts.

I wanted to chat about one of his posts as you’ll note from yesterday because he had introduced me to a totally new form of entertainment and I was all in on it. I thought we had a great discussion and I learned even more about the concept. It’s always special to have a guest on the show – I’m sure that Stephen Hurley gets bored with chatting with me. We had great conversations over the summer. There’s always something extra special about the “sound check” chats that we have before the show.

I thought it was a good show and enjoyed the conversation. We actually talked about teacher dress inspired by a post from Diana Maliszewski. Both Stephen and I talked about the expectation of what our dress would have been. We started our careers when dress shirt, tie, suit jacket was expected for us. Diana’s post grounded us in the current reality which makes so much more sense if you want active learning happening in the classroom. The big question is “What does a teacher look like in 2021?”

Matthew’s attendance on the show was actually tentative and depended upon when he was able to get into the school and look after his classroom after a summer of things getting prepared. It was great news when he indicated that he was free on Wednesday morning for the show. He went to work on the Thursday and took to social media with this message.

Reading the post stopped me in my tracks as I thought of the message that he was sending. Note the community’s response to this message and you can follow the comments on Twitter.

Once I had digested the message and thought about it from so many angles, I was no closer to being able to understand. I fully understand that it’s a result of the privilege that I have. That only served to amplify my feelings about the issue because educationally, both of us would have had gone the same route to get qualified to teach in Ontario schools. Checking Matthew’s OCT record reveals that he has indeed more qualifications than me. That only served to increase my anger.

I don’t often use the word bullshit but if I can’t use it here, where can I? This is clearly bullshit.

I truly hope that the person that uttered the words to Matthew feels incredibly small and apologizes profusely. I hope that this person learns how inconsiderate this was and the impact that it has on a colleague. I hope that this person checks his sundial and realizes that this is the year 2021.

I don’t know how you recover from something like this. I would hope that our society is better than this. Obviously it isn’t. I would hope that our profession is better than this.


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