Whatever happened to …

… towel snapping?

Normally, this post is a bit nostalgic and there are things that would be nice to come back. This isn’t one of them.

This memory goes back to my public swimming days. The pool was open from 2-5 in the afternoons and so we’d wait outside for the doors to open. To entertain ourselves, we’d snap each other with our towels.

Done properly, it could really, really hurt. Done properly, we could also snap a fly off the wall of the building.

Later on, when our towels would get wet, the pain that was inflicted was amplified. There was no practical reason for doing this except to be a jerk, I guess. Also, if caught by the lifeguards, it was cause for immediately kicking you out of the pool.

I’m happy to say that this is not something that I see anything of these days. Of course, Amherstburg has torn down the public pool to build the new secondary school so the opportunities just aren’t there. But, I can’t be in everyone’s back yard.

It’s also one thing from my youth that I didn’t pass on to my kids and I’m kind of happy for that. (they learned how to do it elsewhere)

For a Sunday, your thoughts please.

  • did you snap your towel in your youth?
  • how about today? Is it something that you do?
  • have your ever been hit by a snapped towel?
  • did you ever get the advice “you could put an eye out doing that”?

Any words of wisdom about towel snapping? Please leave them in the comments below.

This is part of a regular series of Sunday morning posts to chat about the past. They’re all available here. As always, reach out to me if you have a topic that you’d like to see here.

6 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. This brings me back to boot camp where towel snapping was a common thing in the shower room. We quickly learned that rolling up the towel diagonally made it hurt a lot more, and to take short showers…

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