The lost summer

Well, the Ford government has accomplished something that no other government has done – they’ve managed to keep the majority of educators focused during the month of July. The promise was to drop the reopening school plan in July. Teachers everywhere were waiting daily.

Well, it dropped this week.

It reminded me of the old saying “Same ol’ stuff, different day”. There wasn’t much new for the classroom than the previous attempt of reopening. But, sports and field trips are now OK. Was anyone surprised that this would happen? After all, coaching is a voluntary teacher activity. Those that don’t step up will leave themselves open to criticism by parents and political folks.

Around society, things aren’t quite as “back to normal”. Leamington Raceway reopens this weekend – sort of –

We are pleased to announce that we will be allowing 75% capacity in the grandstand and 50% capacity underneath the grandstand starting opening day August 8th. All fans will be required to do a pre screening at the front gate, remain 2 metres apart from those not in your party, and masks must be worn unless seated.

and it’s all located outdoors.

The Town of Tecumseh was one of the communities that came under news concerns this past week about their plan to continue to have virtual meetings.

It will still be nearly two months before any in-person council meetings could be considered.

So, what about education? Assemblies are OK now. That certainly has to be bigger than any council meeting!

There was no announcement in this plan about returning classrooms being limited to 50% or 75% capacity.

My sympathies go out to teachers who were planning personal relaxation time this summer. July was lost waiting for the announcement; now with the balance of August ahead, return planning is well in place. Then, “the plan” came.

The responsibility for any accomodations will now have to be made by local school districts and departments of health. We’re already seeing the Toronto District School Board making things safer by requiring face masks for all students despite the details laid out in “the plan“.

4 thoughts on “The lost summer

  1. Doug, maybe it’s because of how everything happened last year, but I’ve decided to breathe deeply and wait for our Board to release its more detailed plan. This will then help us figure out what to do and how to do it. School is in the back of my head, and as I met Paula for a late patio lunch this week, we both exchanged some thoughts about this upcoming year depending on restrictions. Right now though, all we can do is infer, and at times, dream.

    There’s a part of me that really wants to know specifics now, but there’s another part of me, that would be happy to wait for this news for a couple of weeks. As soon as we know, my teacher brain takes over and summer will feel officially over. I still have a few more books to read before that happens. 🙂

    Maybe it would have been better to hear this school news in July, but maybe it was also a gift to have a bit of summer not in planning mode. Who knows? Maybe I was the only one not focused on this July announcement. History has told us that these announcements are often late. I figured that this would be true again. Anyone else?



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