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Drift me some history

One of the things that I’ve grown increasingly appreciate of as I get older is history. In particular, Canadian history.

As my wife – we often will be driving along and I’ll pull over to read historical markers and we’ve gone to many museums or historical places just because they’re there and we’re there at the same time.

Recently, I’ve found out about Driftscape. Especially now that there’s a web version, I’ve been immersing myself in all that it offers. Now that we’re free to travel again, this is definitely going to be a tool in my smartphone. At this point, it’s feeding me new ideas every time I poke around.

The map of Canada shows just how much is available. A quick zoom in to Essex and Kent Counties is an inspiration for some day tripping.

The proof will be what’s local because I can fact check. In the Amherstburg area, it’s nicely identified the Amherstburg First Baptist Church, Bois Blanc Lighthouse, and a number of other places. In the Windsor area, Hiram Walker and the Francois Baby House plus more are there. All of the places are definitely worth the visit before heading east to Kent County. Of course, those trying to understand the War of 1812 will head all the way to the Niagara Region.

There’s a great deal of travelling inspiration here if you’re looking to get out and do some history exploring. Not all places of interest are included but that may grow over time and typically one point of interest will point you to other places in the area.

This is definitely worth checking out. There may be very important historical places in your community that you’ve been past and never realized its significance before.


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