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I was taking a wander around the blog last night and got hung up on the “About Me” page. The information there seems mostly up to date but there was an infographic in there from a long time ago. I figured I should get rid of it.

The content there was really dated. It had collections of Twitter profiles from people who are no longer in my networking world. It was also back before the days that I spent a lot of time organizing folks into Twitter Lists as opposed to this one great big long list of followers.

Fortunately, it was branded with the source of the graphic – a Visual.ly Labs project. Unfortunately, that project is no longer available from what I can see. So, I went looking for another visualization. Why? Just because I can, I suppose. There were a few available but I also wanted one that I didn’t need to sign in to; I just wanted something that would take my public facing stuff because that’s all that anyone can see anyway.

I ended up looking at Foller.me. You can see the whole page of results at: https://foller.me/dougpete

There were a couple of parts of the graphic that really stood out to me and I think best describes what I use Twitter for.

The first was the topics that I mention and displayed in a tag cloud format.

There’s some good stuff in there and I’ve got to lend credibility with the prominence of “ontario” and “educators”. Follow me on Friday mornings to see why!

The second was a collection of Twitter profile images of people that I’ve interacted with.

Are you in there?

I thought that it was an interesting exercise. I’m going to include the tag cloud of topics in the About Me page as I’ve killed off the previous infographic.


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