People should know better

There was once a time when I did a lot of testing of software for licensing in the province. I was on the OSAPAC Committee and every year, we’d get this box of software to test in answer to the calls that went out to vendors.

Some of the software were good actors by installing themselves and removing themselves cleanly. Others, not so much. It was my first or second year on the committee when I had a whole computer fail because of a bad actor. It’s quite embarrassing to have to go hunting for the original media to reinstall an entire computer. Another member of the committee felt badly for me and explained his process which involved making an image of an existing computer before installing anything new. If the worse ever happened, you could restore from that image and pick up from where you left off.

It sounded like a great idea and I got into the habit of doing it and, as could predicted, I never needed to use it. But, I could if I wanted!

I’ve always been a tinkerer when it comes to technology. I like what I have but I’m always curious about how it could be better.

A lot of people are feeling that way these days about Windows 11.

Right now, if you wish, you can read all about Windows 11 and there’s an insider element that can download test versions. Personally, while I’m intrigued by what’s in our future, I’m quite happy with my Windows 10 installation.

If I was interested, I could make my instance of Windows 10 look like Windows 11. There are things about Windows 10 that do bother me. I like the modern looking way of managing things but often I end up resorting to the old Control Panel to get the job done. I should have to do that and I’m reading that the upgrade will make that less necessary. There’s still a caveat though and I understand that since the product isn’t read for release yet.

But, there are some that really want it. So badly, that they are bypassing the official Microsoft channel and downloading it from who knows where. That’s where I caught this this morning.

Nasty Windows 11 installers are infecting PCs with malware — download at your own risk

This is probably the worst of all possible things. We know that Windows 11 is constantly evolving so downloading this, even if malware free, is basically a snapshot in time. There’s no guarantee that ongoing upgrades will be received without going out and doing another big download.

It’s one thing to play around with a program in development but quite another to mess with an entire operating system.

I’m really curious to see what the final version of Windows 11 will do for me. I’m not excited about a tweaked interface; I can do a bunch of that on my own. I’d be looking for something that’s going to make a big change. And, I can wait and read about what’s in the works.

I don’t need to put my computer at risk.


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