A couple of mathematics moments

I had a couple of mathematics moments this morning that I thought I would share and pass along. They come from OAME and the first one is their statement on the change in the front matter to the new Mathematics curriculum document.

The second is an announcement about the Colour Tiles application now being available.

Hopefully, you’re aware of the resources that are available on the Mathies website.

I’ll confess to spending way too much time playing around with this one. There’s a complete set of tools available for free on their website.

4 thoughts on “A couple of mathematics moments

  1. Good morning Doug!

    I have just finished reading an excellent piece related to your first math item – – the government’s controversial removal of text from the front matter of the new grade 9 math curriculum.

    I will include the link here in the hopes that your Akismet will allow it, and if not, that you will approve this post manually so that others may read this:

    View at Medium.com


  2. Mathies is such an amazing resource and I’m so glad it has been updated so we can continue to use it. I broadcast many of the tools through my projector so we can model solutions to problems. I also have students use the tools on the iPad.

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