A Twitter message from Norm Di Pasquale passed by in my morning reading. I lingered over the message and then clicked through to see the resource.

Quite honestly, I don’t know of any specific schools in New York City by name (except for Stuyvesant High School) but just typing random “New York – ish” names and addresses led to individual schools and reports.

I can’t help but think that this is such a rich and welcoming message to parents and students. The United States has rushed to opening everything and we’re seeing reports of numbers rising again. Schools have to be a huge area of concern.

As it should be everwhere.

As it should be in Ontario.

My old secondary school had a central ventilation system with air conditioning and heating that mostly worked. It all is driven by units and fans from this room that nobody but the caretakers were allowed to enter.

I recognize that I was lucky. I know that there are older schools whose concept of air conditioning is to crack a window and use a teacher-purchased fan (now mostly banned).

To echo Norm’s thoughts and go further. We’re all waiting for the reopening plan. We’re now more than half way through July and are still waiting.

Even if the province doesn’t come through with this type of information (honestly, it would be a lot of work), individual school districts or indeed local schools could inform their learning community what their ventilation system provides in terms of protection for those returning in September.

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