Unexpected detours

Jaimie and I didn’t get a chance to walk far on Saturday. It was still raining from that big storm so it was down to the corner and back. Sunday morning, we were back to our normal routine.

If you have it turned on, Google will send you a map of everywhere you’ve been. Other than a reminder that you’re being tracked everywhere, it’s a start for a reflection of I’ve been doing lately.

On weekends, we walk to the track by the school around the corner. It’s a nice change from our regular routine. When you like on a country road, you only have two options; left or right and you have to be aware of cars and trucks the entire time. The track is nice since we’re early enough that we have it for ourselves. A normal routine involves sniffing everything and wandering for one of us and the other walks around. The mathematician in me keeps thinking that there’s great mathematics in there and I should count the number of steps on the inside lap and compare it to the outside lap. If you’re a horse racing fan, you know that post position 1 is preferred and number 9 or 10 way on the outside requires a special type of horse to run that extra distance and finish well.

As we approached the track, we noticed that people already on the tennis course beside the track were busy sweeping the court. I thought that was a little odd until I noticed what they were doing. As I started to walk the track, I was running into the same thing. Earthworms everywhere!

Now I wasn’t generous enough to sweep them off the track but I did do considerable weaving to miss them!

We’d had that much rain. According to our neighbour who keeps a rain gauge, she had captured 4.5 inches which is 114.3 mm. The Windsor Weather Office reported 75.6 mm.

I don’t care who you are; that’s a lot of rain. Our backyard has a couple of low places for water to gather.

Careful viewers will note that the tugboat sandbox remains high and dry.

I wasn’t the only educator noting educational applications to this. I shared the above photo on Instagram and Aviva Dunsiger commented

I wonder how many bugs you’ll have in there …

There’s a kindergarten comment if I’ve ever seen one. I would guess none in the water but many in the trees.

There was a detour there for me too. I needed the wheelbarrow and was able to walk around the back of the shed and get in the side door.

It’s Sunday morning as I jot this post and the water still is lying around. It’s so flat. Hopefully, a lot of evaporation happens before the next expected rain on Wednesday.


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