And we’re off

One of my favourite morning drive shows from a long ago featured a gentleman who did a great “Dick the Bruiser” impersonation. Here’s a sense of his voice from the real Bruiser.

He would do editorials that started like this:

Ontario is in Step 3 – what does this mean?

That came back as a memory to me this morning and I start to think about what Step 3 means to me. I know that many of us have been following the rules and there are still some rules that we need to follow.

Since all this lockdown has started, I think I’ve been out of Essex County twice. Once was to address a medical issue in London and the other was a trip along Cotterie Park Road and Lakeshore Drive in Leamington and ended up in Wheatley.

One of the factors, bizzarely enough, was our concern in finding a washroom to use. Even to London and back, the ONRoutes were strangely different and many of the traditional places for washrooms were offering drive-through only …

All of this has changed during Step 2 and now things becomes even more open during Step 3. We do have a tradition of visiting our hometown a couple of times a year and it’s been so long.

We have plans to renew that tradition next week.

Or, more correctly, had those plans. It turns out that there are other commitments that will keep us at home. We have modified plans so that we could do and “up and back” in the same day. It’s going to be nice to see new things. We’ve got all the parklands memorized around here.

Quite honestly, I can’t believe how excited we are just for a single day outting. We’re hoping that this is the start of something good and a return to whatever is going to be our new normal.

Social media has been great to see friends and connections talking about what they plan to do now that we’re in Step 3. My sense is that dining on patios is still the preferred option but it’s kind of nice to know that we could actually go inside if it rains.

What are your plans for Step 3? Or is it Stage 3? I’ve seen both used.


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