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You’ll recall that I was late to the streaming media phenomenon. For the longest of times, we had access only to the slowest of the slow and unreliable internet access. We were paying for 5GB and getting about 3GB, provided the weather was good. Television came by satellite and it had its issues as well. Rain or a thunderstorm, forget about using the internet.

So, I sat here in awe of people with their Netfixes and other streaming services. My collection of DVDs got a real workout.

It’s not like I’m a total television fanatic. I just like to have something on in the background while I’m doing some blogging or whatever other project I might have on the go.

Then, things changed. They pulled fibre down the road on brand new poles and we were in! In a heartbeat. The total bill for internet and television was actually cheaper this way and it was way more reliable and certainly faster. It allowed for an interesting feature on the television in the rec. It was a Samsung television and there were all these channels that we could, in theory, watch. With the new internet, we could! It was a nice perk for buying their product.

Like any television service, there are channels to like and channels that you might just skip over. But, they’re there.

Just recently, Samsung has made their lineup available to download and install on your device. So, I snagged a copy and was off. It is kind of handy for those times that I’m not in viewing distance of the television like I am right now.

At times, I feel like I’m really catching up on the streaming game. I’m not one to sit down and binge on movies but I do like to have news, in particular, on in the background and pay half attention to it. The app is downloadable from the Samsung app store here – or here from the Android store.

There’s also a media lesson here. The channels that are available depend upon your location.

It was interesting to compare the available channels – particularly the news channels.

Did I mention that it’s free?


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