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It was an interesting day to follow the discussion of the changes in terms of use to the Audacity software. As I noted, it’s been a real favourite around here and I can’t imagine recording without it.

Essentially, there were a couple of issues – one sending information back to the host and where that host just might be and the second being the declaration that the software is not to be used by students under the age of 13.

The general thought about the first issue was that most software these days does this and most certainly when you’re working with something that is web based, you never really know. Many people are of the feeling that this change is just to keep in line with the general trend today. The second one didn’t seem to hit the radar of many people. Maybe I’m the only educator that sees the implications?

These days, many people don’t read the terms and conditions surrounding software. It’s the mentality that, unless you click “I Agree”, you don’t get to use it. In a couple of former lives, reading those terms and conditions was important. It would be just wrong if I’d recommended software for my district that somehow would cause issues. Secondly, in my role on the OSAPAC Committee, those recommendations go province-wide, in both French and English. Fortunately, the Ministry of Education had lawyers that sealed the deal in both languages so they did the heavy lifting.

So, what’s an end user to do?

The common thought is that, if you don’t upgrade Audacity to Version 3.0, the terms and conditions of the newer software won’t apply. Of course, that doesn’t get you the latest and greatest. Fortunately, Audacity has always worked like a trouper for me.

Should you decide to leave Audacity behind, the best recommendations can often be found in the “store” of your operating system. I poked around in the Windows, Apple, and Ubuntu Snap stores and found that there are so many alternatives so it’s not like you’re going to be left hanging should you decide to leave Audacity.

Some of the interesting looking ones are:

As you can imagine, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Generally, most computers come with at least some simple audio recording software as part of the package. That may be all that you actually need. Of course, Apple has always had GarageBand.

I’d be interested in your thoughts going forward. Will you continue to use Audacity or will you be looking for alternatives?


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