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Delayed by hurricane

Full disclosure – I’m a big Montreal Canadiens fan.

Like so many others, I’m just beside myself with the success that the Canadiens have had this playoff year. We beat Toronto. In the end, that may be all that counts; many think that that was our Stanley Cup.

But then, we went off and outplayed Winnipeg and Vegas to end up in the Stanley Cup finals. I’ll tell you; this is exciting.

More than one commentator has noted that we’re punching above our weight. But things have fallen into place with the team, despite COVID challenges.

All that we needed to do was beat Tampa in four games and the names go back on the cup and a 25th banner raised to the rafters in recognition of the success.

Things are not going well playing Tampa though. Game one was horrible but games two and three featured a better playing Canadien team but they were playing an even better Tampa team. So, we’re down 0-3.

Game Four is tonight and, unless things change, the season may well be over. This fan is hoping not. I’m hoping for a great game tonight and a return to Tampa for Game Five. And then three more wins. It’s been done before and can be done again.

All weekend, the weather reports are telling us of a tropical storm in the Caribbean. And, when you look at the projections, it shows the storm headed right to Tampa.

Now, I don’t wish bad things on anybody. But if and when we win Game Four, it might be nice to have a day or two hurricane delay to recharge engines for the race to the end of the series. For Montreal, of course. Maybe the Tampa team will be busy putting up hurricane shutters or whatever you do to prepare for a big storm.

I’ll be tracking it with my new love for the Windy app.

If things don’t go our way later tonight, feel free to pile on in the comments below.


5 responses to “Delayed by hurricane”

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  2. Alfred Thompson Avatar
    Alfred Thompson

    Looks like you get a chance. Somehow is feels wrong for a team in Tampa to win the cup over a team from Canada.


    1. Well, we all know how this all ended now. Tampa really played well.


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