A new look at weather

It’s been a bizarre couple of weeks around here in the weather department. I think we all know of the big storms that came through and the tornado that touched down in Chatsworth.

As that storm rolled in, I reached out to a friend of mine in Bruce County wishing him to be safe and to keep an eye out for bad weather. He told me he had it covered with an app on his phone – Windy.

I’ll confess, I can be a collector of weather applications at times and need to force myself to clear out the unused ones periodically. So, of course, I downloaded it and I was in for a real treat.

As you might suspect from the name, the landing page shows up with your location and arrows are showing the air flow.

Of course, there is the regular type of thing that you would expect in a weather application – forecasts and the lot.

The real surprise came when I started poking around. It looks like the big weather right now is far south of us. That’s great.

From Satellite view.


I almost dropped the phone when lightning hit! I was watching radar and saw a strike visualized. But it was more than that. With each lightning strike, the phone vibrated. Since it was a big storm at the time, there was a lot of vibrating!

So, I continued to work my way through the application. I placed one of the widgets at the top of my screen and then when looking for more.

The application calls itself professional quality and I was quite impressed with all that I found. I have no hesitation encouraging all to download and take a look at it. Or, at least check it out on your desktop.

It might be the keeper weather application after all.


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