Going out?

Today was supposed to be the big day. We’ve moved into Stage 2 and many of the restrictions either lifted or eased up.

The day started well with my morning dog walk. The hot, bright sun wasn’t there but the humidity certainly was. I got back and did my This Week in Ontario Edublogs show with Stephen Hurley and sneaked a look out the patio door during the times I wasn’t talking. It was raining.

And raining over the lunch hour.

It’s now 1:15 on Wednesday afternoon and it’s still raining. By now, the Jaimie and I would have had our noon hour walk. Not so. My wife did get an appointment for a hair cut and I’m so happy for her. Like many, she’s been waiting for this day. I’ve offered to trim things up but she wasn’t taking.

It’s still raining.

I guess that I’m going to have to wait until later. I’ll be honest though; I’m hesitant to go anywhere where there’s a lot of people. I suspect that that will last for a while. It’s actually going to be a major change in lifestyle; I’ve got used to not doing anything that puts me in public places. I’m not a mall walker at the best of times and haven’t missed that a bit. To be honest, we do get out and enjoy a number of things and we’ve found all kinds of new things to do as a result of having to look around more carefully thinking about where we might want to go.

There will come a time when we’ll be back to normal. I’m convinced of that now and I’m sure that it’s going to be sooner rather than later.

As a society, we’ve become accustomed now to asking questions before making decisions to come and go to various places.

Lest you’ve forgot, there are a number of questions that you should ask yourself before putting yourself possibly at risk. If you’re looking for a complete and thorough tool, the National Institute on Aging has you covered here.


It’s here where you’ll find a couple of tools to take you through the questions you should be asking yourself before departing.

You may want to lie down and have a nap after going through them! It’s exhausting answering all those questions. However, the completeness and the questions are a sombre reminder about just how serious things were and the seriousness you should put into any decision you might want to make about going out.

I sincerely hope that there comes a time when we’re free to go about our regular lives without such an in-depth analysis of the risks.

Until then, be safe everyone.


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