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A summer reading list

My dad had a saying “You do good when you’re doing good”. It went over my head when I was a kid but became really apparent as I got older and especially in education.

We see lists from educators and others about things to read over the summer. It’s like an annual rite on social media. There’s one released recently that’s different enough and I think important enough to promote and share where possible.

It was on Facebook that Rabia Khokhar let us know that she had been interviewed by CTV about a summer reading list that she had created. Rabia shared the news to Twitter.

The CTV News story can be found here.

It’s a good read and gives the background to Rabia’s personal journey in literacy and the rationale for creating this reading list: Reading Challenge: Centering Muslim Characters.

Her copyright prohibits me from taking a screen capture for here but the link above will take you to the challenge which features 45 children’s books. Click the arrow in the top right corner and view the five pages in presentation mode to see them all (five pages)

Considerable effort has gone into creating this unique project so I’m sure that Rabia would appreciate announcement of this being spread far and wide. You can do your part by sharing it.

She definitely did good here.


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