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The announcement this week that Google Workspace is now available to everyone took me by surprise.

I actually rebooted my computer and reloaded what I thought to be Gmail to see a new name pop up in the middle of the screen. “Google Workpace”.

My original thought was that Gmail had just been renamed. I guess I was wrong and then I read this article.

I haven’t taken it all in yet but am plugging my way through it. It appears that Google Workspace is a new branding of GSuite.

I do have a number of collaborative projects on the go so I’m poking around to see what I can see. The challenge is that any of the new things I have access to are well integrated into the desktop so I’m not totally sure what is new and what isn’t. What’s a guy to do?

I suppose that clicking around and seeing what’s available is the best route to take. Since whatever is there is now there, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a legacy feature or not.

What should I be looking for? Is the new Workspace making any significant changes in what you’re doing?

Please let me know.

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