Thoughts about white supremacy

Like most mornings, I turn to Twitter to see what is trending and also to my lists of Ontario Educators to see what others are concerned about. It’s my way of trying to stay on top of things. I will admit that I often skim along but there was one post that made me slow down and read carefully. It came from former Principal David Garlick and is a multi-part message which, by its nature, slowed me down even more. He had taken the time to put together his thoughts about recent events.

I reached out to David and asked if I could share his entire thoughts in a single message on this blog. I was thankful that he agreed so that you can read the entire message in one spot below if you missed the original posting.

1) A short thread for my fellow Canadians: Every week I’m struck by how foolish some Americans sound when they deny the “obvious problem” that guns are. Well, it’s pretty obvious to me that White Supremacy is a major problem here.

2) What do I mean by that? Well, every week, there are mass shootings, killing dozens of people in the U.S., right? And we, as Canadians, scratch our heads and say, “Why don’t they do something?” It’s pretty clear that something needs to be done.

3) And yet, Americans try the same non-solutions and make the same ‘silly’ arguments. I don’t need to repeat them here. We know them, and we know they don’t work. We also know what they ‘should’ or ‘could’ do to solve things.

4) But here in Canada, none of us, I hope, would disagree that POC are discriminated against; that the Indigenous are discriminated against; the Muslim-Canadians are discriminated against; that Chinese-Canadians are discriminated against.

5) In fact, anyone who looks different than White-Canadians are discriminated against. And with deadly results.

6) And yet, what are our White-Canadian responses to this? Denials – which really, sound silly, and do ‘us’ no credit. “It’s not ALL White People.” Meaning, “I” didn’t kill those people, therefore the problem is being over-stated. That sounds pretty silly too.

7) Again, I could go on, but we’ve heard the excuses all before. And they’re all defensive and, really, silly. We know White Supremacy in Canada is a major issue. We know it. Before anyone else gets killed, or even just mistreated, let’s do something about it.

I’m sorry for not mentioning the 2SLGBTQ Communities and Jewish-Canadians, who don’t even ‘look’ different than plain old White People. Let’s just fix this, okay? All of us.

I’m positive that there are many calls to action that are running through your mind as you read this thoughtful collection of messages.

If you aren’t following David, he is on Twitter at @garlickd13. I’m sure that he would appreciate your thoughts and active steps that you’re taking in your classrooms.

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