This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It’s been a warm and humid week but that didn’t deter these Ontario Edubloggers. Enjoy!

The Stress Kettle

It has been a while since we saw blog posts from Lynn Thomas but she’s back at the keyboard. This isn’t the most pleasant of posts to read but I suspect that many teachers feel the same way as Lynn.

She uses the metaphor of the kettle sitting on the stove to describe the stress of working in schools at these times. You can crank it up and really make that kettle steam or you can let it simmer for a period of time building up energy. I’m sure that all teachers have run through both of these situations and more.

Lynn’s advice is good…

And I then learned it’s OK to say so. It’s OK to take time to replenish resources and heal. And most importantly, it’s NOT weakness or selfish.

Like other high stress professions, teaching will take everything that you have and then ask for more. How are you handling it? Got a solution? I’ll bet that Lynn would love to read it in a comment.

Work From Home – office set up #WFH #WorkFromHome

I quite enjoy when people share their workspace ideas with others and that’s the point here in Laura Wheeler’s unairconditioned environment.

That whole spring I worked from my armchair or our couch … for 3+ months:

And if you click through you’ll see her at work in her beautiful attic workspace. She has a wonderful view of the outside and shares with us the various permutations she’s gone through looking for the perfect setting, including a standing desk (home made). Slippers appear to be mandatory comfort attire!

In one of the pictures, I noted that she keeps some weights to do a little stress relief. Laura was listening to the This Week in Ontario Edublogs show and shared that she uses them to start the day!

My workspace isn’t quite as pretty but I do have a view of a dog lying in the shade.

(Y)our racism is showing…again

I found Will Gourley’s post on his personal blog very difficult to read.

It started with a map of North American with red dots all over the map with the message from the original poster than all of those locations need to be checked for bodies.

Since the revelation of the remains of the 215 First Nation Children being found in British Columbia, I think many of us are doing some deep reflection and soul searching. If you’re like me, it hasn’t led to any sort of resolution to my feelings.

In his post, Will addresses the situation head on and there is a thoughtful list of things that we shouldn’t be doing at this time. His consideration for the mental wellbeing of the survivors comes through loudly and clearly and should give you additional pause to stop and think.

Priya Parker, Brené Brown, and Protecting your Source Work

On the voicEd Radio show, I suggested that we should nickname Terry Whitmell “The Open Principal”. From her blog, we get to see insights as to what makes her school and her relationships with all tick. It’s especially difficult these days.

With many people in her position, the thoughts are often kept private but not here. Inspired by a conversation between Priya Parker and Brené Brown, she opens up with what she considers her “Source Work”.

What follows are some of the activities that she engages in…

  • Teaching
  • Hiring
  • Mentoring
  • Learning

These are nicely fleshed out and definitely worth a read.

I can’t help but think that so many other principals go through the same things but keep it to themselves or perhaps a vice-principal if they have one. I love the fact that she shares her this openly.

Congress and OTESSA: A conference within a conference

Education conferences and learning are interesting beasts at the best of the times. By that, I mean pre-COVID. Everything in our worlds have changed so why not learning?

This is a story of Helen DeWaard’s preparation for a presentation given at this conference. I’ll be honest here; the organization is new to me. So, I did some poking around and learned a great deal.

I spent even more time with Helen’s presentation.

Those that know me know that those are two things that I’m very passionate about. Why haven’t I heard Helen speak at ECOO? I especially like the presentation notes. I even more appreciate the fact that she is open and sharing with her work. It’s not hidden behind some paywall.

Silently sharing the same fear

I’ve never met Debbie Donsky.

Through her writing, I feel like I know a bit of her – at least the public bit. She writes that passionately. In this post, we get a glimpse of the private bit motivated by an emotional time in her life. I was barely keeping it together until she brought Simon and Garfunkel into the post.

I suppose it’s part of growing up and moving away. I suppose it’s also a cost of being an educator that students grow up and move on. Then, something like this happens and all that you’re left with are memories.

Old Fellas New Music Episode 11

I always write posts with music going on in the background.

Right now, I have the latest episode from Old Fellas, New Music with Bob Kennedy and Paul McGuire playing on the computer. What I appreciate from shows like this is that they did all the work and I just get to enjoy it. Personally, I’ve never actually created a playlist except for Noa Daniel’s interview for my P3. I prefer just to listen to random music.

I’m not sure that I’ll ever hear this music again but it’s just nice to have in the background and I will pause my writing to listen to Bob and Paul.

Thanks to these folks for providing content. I hope that you can click through and read their content in their entirety.

Then, follow them on Twitter.

  • Lynn Thomas – @THOMLYNN101
  • Laura Wheeler – @wheeler_laura
  • Will Gourley – @WillGourley
  • Terry Witmell – @TerryWhitmell
  • Helen DeWaard – @hj_dewaard
  • Debbie Donsky – @DebbieDonsky
  • Paul McGuire – @mcguirp

This Week in Ontario Edublogs – June 9


4 thoughts on “This Week in Ontario Edublogs

  1. Love that you get light at your workspace from the patio door! Dogs are good stress relief too. Yesterday I worked outside at our patio table after covering myself in DEET and it was lovely for a little change in scenery!

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  2. Good for you, Laura. The reality is that often I’m outside next to Jaimie on nice days. The picture here is when I’m “docked” inside. I hope that the DEET worked for you!


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