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Blog wars

Just for a little fun.

We’ve all seen those sign wars that have been going on. A bit shoutout to the town of Listowel for starting the lastest round.

This brought back great memories for me since that Dairy Queen was a go-to place to take a date. I love the fact that it’s still there.

I can’t wait until we’re able to travel again. We definitely will be by for a treat.

The signs have started some back and forth among businesses and now it’s spread to other communities. It’s the sort of thing that we all need at this time.

So, I thought … why not extend it to blogs?

A few minutes with Canva and I had my own.

So, I challenge you.

If you’re reading this and you own a blog, how about creating your own Blog Sign? It just takes a moment and a quick one or two liner.

Tag it with #BlogSignWar and let’s see what happens.

Don’t have a blog? This might be a great time to start. Don’t want to start – just tack one on to the comments below.

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